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Pricelist - 2001



The Ewesful Kate that most bobbins fit on. It's made out of pine, holds 3 bobbins and has a sheep cut out on each side. The Charmin' Kate is same material, but larger for those of you with wheels with larger bobbins, like Louet.

Tensioned Kates

Ewesful Kate (Pine - unfinished)

Charmin' Kate (Pine - unfinished)


Fimo dizs

Round diz

Heart diz & other shapes

Threading Hooks

w/Ceramic or silver Beads

w/Sheep or Angora Handle

Ewesful Spindles

Ewesful Hi-whorl Spindles

Yew Spindles by Doug Peake

Wendy or Lily














$22.00 ea.


Felting Needles & Tools

Needles - Fine, Medium

   Ultra fine & Sasil

Circular tool w/6 needles

Flat Tool w/ 7-needles

2-needle tool


      $1.00 ea. or 4/$3.50

      $1.25 ea or 4/$4.00

$50.00  (out of Stock)

       $45.00 (out of stock)

       $40.00 (out of stock)

Sheep Jewelry
Hand Sculptured Jewelry by Sandra Massey
Each piece is unique.
Sheep are available in white, cream & grey w/ flowers in red, blues, mauve & others as stock allows.

Sheep - plain

Sheep with flowers


3 Sheep - plain

3 sheep - flowers

4 sheep - flowers

5 sheep - flowers








All prices are in US funds plus Shipping & Handling
Form of payment: Money Order or Bank Draft preferred.


Email me about your order first or with questions

Mailing Address: Jude Pilote - 46262 Maple Avenue, Chilliwack, BC. V2P 2J4 Canada   (604) 795-3809