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Dizs for Combing Fibers

I love to comb my fibers, so I started making Dizs.  For those of you who are new to the process, combing can be done with a variety of combs.  There are 3 main types of combs:

englishcombs.jpg (6563 bytes)

vikingcombs.jpg (13515 bytes)

They are come in a variety of sizes & styles, number of rows of tines, or  long teeth.  Other tools that can also be used are dog combs or a wool hackle. to comb fibers.

The difference between combed & carded fibers is that the fibers are all parallel & all the waste such as short fiber, second cuts, VM etc is removed, not carded into the fiber.

dizs22.jpg (26386 bytes)   A diz is used to draw the fibers off the comb into a top after the combing process is done.

They are made out of hardwood in the shape of Sheep, Hearts, and Round ones & have been stained. (Other shapes are also available)

I also make Fimo round dizs & the Multi-hole fimo diz.  The Fimo ones seem to be my best sellers.