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My Gallery Pages

This is a gallery of some of my most recent projects & of course.... Home from the Hospital.jpg (8293 bytes)pictures of our beautiful Little Granddaughter, Lily Grace Tufts.   Born January 31st, 2000.

naptime.jpg (5642 bytes)Lily at 3 months





Bad Hair day.jpg (46147 bytes)

Lily at 10 months.  She is a busy little girl!  Keeps us on our toes! 


31.01.01 Charm Lily & Grandma.jpg (35503 bytes)




3 Generations,

Mother, Daughter & Grand-daughter

Lily's 1st Birthday.jpg (27658 bytes)


Lily's 1st Birthday





Blackburn Wheel 2.jpg (30950 bytes)

I have had another new addition!  

This is Sarah... My antique Blackburn Wheel built in 1860 in Ontario, Canada






I like to experiment with different dye, spinning & knitting ideas; so I thought some of you may be interested is some of them.

This is Corridale roving that I dyed with Easter Egg Dyes by Paas that you get for doing egg coloring with children at Easter.  I was lucky to have the help of wonderful spinner on spin-list who were willing to send meEE dyed Roving.jpg (62004 bytes) parts of their stash so I could complete a commission I was doing.

I also have a pic of the spun yarn.ee_-dyed_yarn.jpg (12392 bytes)


This is the same roving spun & Navajo plyed.  It makes wonderful sock yarn.

KA roving.jpg (15092 bytes)Koolaide Dyed roving

This is easy to do, & is safe to do at demos with children.  I spin it medium fine, then usually Navaho ply it.  Great idea colors for kids sweaters, hats & mitts.






Handspun, Handknit

1999-2001Hat2.jpg (73839 bytes)

Charmin's Hat

This hat I designed with my son in mind, who is in forestry school.  As I was knitting it my daughter kept telling me how much she liked it & how it was going to be far too small for him. (He is 6'8) Well, even though I did a gauge swatch, she was right, so it became hers & I  knit him a bigger one.

joshs_hat2.jpg (4793 bytes)Josh's Hat

                                This is a Christmas gift I spun & knit for my daughter's partner, Josh.  The interlocking chain is to represent family.


Needle Felting

Hat wflowers.jpg (11992 bytes)

This hat made of Handspun wool/mohair blend.   It was first knit oversize, then felted in the washing machine.  After it was done I decided it needed something to give it a lift, so I needle felted these little flowers on it.






Other Projects

Jolene's Shawl~.jpg (127862 bytes)

This is part of a shawl I knit for Arron's girlfriend, Jolene, to keep her warm & cozy on snowy PEI winter evenings.