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Jude Pilote
46262 Maple Ave
Chilliwack, , BC V2P 2J4

My Favorite Links

Magic Moon Farm
Jacob Fleeces & NA Distributor for Cyril's Fleeces
Trembling Prairie Station
Spinning supplies
Sun Bench Fibers
Spinning Wheels, fiber. dyes, yarn, etc
Spinster's Loft
Spinning & weaving supplies
Lamb's Ear Farm
Knitting & Spinning supplies


What's    New

These Hand-turned spindles are made by Doug Peaks from the Queen Charlotte Islands. Since they are each made individually, they are all unique. DP Wendy Spindle.jpg (40114 bytes)

The Wendy

DP Lily Spindle.jpg (8973 bytes)


The Lily



I am now also carrying Felting needles, tools & supplies. Needle felting is done without water. It is a great way to add detail & decorate your finished items or make 3-D figures.