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May spindles 1.jpg (32256 bytes)   Ewesful Hi-whorls

I love Hi-whorl spindles & I love to decorate my woodworking.  These little spindles are 20 - 45 grams.  They are all balanced for smooth spinning, & portable & light for fine spinning.  They are all signed, dated & numbered.



Doug Peake Spindles

These Hi-whorl spindles are made by woodturner - Doug Peake.

They are handmade from Yew wood, native to his home on the Queen Charlotte Islands. They vary in weight from 1 to 2 ozs. with intrigue designs carved in the notched whorls & pigtail hooks.   Each one is individual.

Now there are 3 Designs you can choose from.DP Wendy Spindle.jpg (40114 bytes)

The Wendy - has a removable whorl so it is easy to store & take along anywhere. The Yew 3" whorl has a circle design carved in, recessed on the underside & a turned stem on the 10 inch birch   shaft.  Wendy weighs about 1 oz.

DP Lily Spindle.jpg (8973 bytes) The Lily - also has a removable 3" Yew whorl with a swirl design is flatter on the bottom for a bit more weight & a plainer 10" birch shaft.  Lily weighs 1 to 2 ozs.